Государственное учреждение образования
«Гомельский городской национальный учебно-педагогический комплекс детский сад-школа №68 «Атиква»

Information for English Speakers

About School "Atikva"

Our History

State Education Institute "Gomel National School No.68" with a symbolic name "Atikva" which means "Hope" in Hebrew was opened in 1994. It was started on the recommendation of Jewish organizations and with the support of Israel, parents and Gomel City Executive Commitеe. It was the first and the only state national education institute on the territory of Belarus. 

Our School Today

Today there are 3 kindergarten groups with 66 children and 4 primary classes with 79 pupils at "Atikva". 
There are 23 teachers and 20 technical employees working at our school.
Organization of national education is arranged by our national educator Saponenko Tatyana. 
Our schedule includes Hebrew and Jewish Literature lessons. Our pupils learn history, culture and traditions of jewish people when arranging national jewish holidays and events. 
Our school keeps in touch with Gomel Regional Jewish Community "Ahdut". Children take part in different events and act as a patron of Righteous Among the Nations Duktovskaya Tatyana. 

For Sponsors

Our school is always glad to receive assistance and support of our sponsors. With the help of our partners we create comfortable conditions for our children and employees, we develop our complex and promote learning jewish culture and traditions. If you would like to help us with any sponsor investments we will be happy to receive your comments at the following e-mail atikva68@gmail.com or telephone number +375 232 70 47 35. 

Our diplomas